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Hiking Guidelines


The Borderlands Wildlife Preserve contains three easy to moderate rated hiking trails open to the public. As you enjoy these surroundings, we invite you to partner with us in respecting and protecting the plants and animals who inhabit this treasured land. Please practice good stewardship by observing these simple rules as you enjoy the preserve’s beauty and peacefulness.


  • Please park in designated areas only. 

  • Please respect private property and stay on the designated roads and trails. 

  • Dogs are not permitted off-leash anywhere within the preserve.

  • Dogs are not permitted on Foxtail Lane, the Smith Canyon Loop Trail, the Connector Trail, or the Cross Corridor Trail.

  • Dogs are permitted on the paved roads within the Wildlife Haven residential neighborhood, on the Discovery (under construction) and Arizona Trail/AZT Connector Trail but must remain leashed. 

  • Horses and bikes are permitted only on the Cross Corridor and Arizona Trail. 

  • Motorized vehicles of any kind are not permitted on the hiking trails. 

  • Firearms, overnight camping, open fires or BBQ’s of any kind and, hunting and collection of any materials are prohibited throughout the preserve, the Wildlife Haven residential neighborhood, and the buffer zone. ​ ​

  • ​​When hiking in the preserve, take plenty of water, sun protection and leave no trace of your use.

  • There are no bathrooms and no trash receptacles in the preserve, please pack out what you pack in.

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