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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I hunt, collect natural materials, or look for human artifacts at the preserve?
    Hunting (or firing weapons), collecting natural materials, and looking for or collecting artifacts are prohibited at BWP. Borderlands Wildlife Preserve is managed primarily as a haven for wildlife, but also serves as a protected area for plants and human artifacts.
  • Can you camp or BBQ within the preserve?
    There is no camping or fires of any kind allowed at BWP.
  • If I see wildlife in distress, who should I contact?
    Never attempt to touch a wild animal that appears injured or sick. If the animal acts aggressively, leave the area immediately and call 911. If you are unsure if the animal is injured, abandoned, or sick and need advice, call Tucson Wildlife Center’s 24/7 helpline at 520-290-9453 If the animal is large such as a deer, mountain lion, or bear, call the closest Arizona Game and Fish Department office or their radio dispatch at 623-236-7201. If the animal is small or medium-sized such as a bird or bobcat, call the Tucson Wildlife Center’s 24/7 helpline at 520-290-9453 For non-urgent help or to report an incident with wildlife after contacting the appropriate authorities, please email BWP at
  • Can I explore the preserve off the trails?
    At BWP, we are constantly striving to seek a balance between recreation and providing space for plants and animals to thrive. We ask that you do not venture off designated trails to keep this balance and prevent soil erosion and disruption to plants and wildlife.
  • Does BWP partner with local researchers, educational groups, or private organizations?
    BWP welcomes and encourages partnerships with researchers, educational groups and private organizations. Reach out to for more information.
  • Do you have dog-friendly trails?
    Yes! Dogs are welcome on the Arizona Trail, but must remain leashed. Leashed dogs are also welcome on the paved roads within the Wildlife Haven neighborhood, excluding Foxtail Lane.
  • Why are dogs not allowed off-leash in the preserve or on more trails?
    Many studies have shown that the presence of dogs and their waste disrupts wildlife. Furthermore, off-leash dogs are more prone to injuring themselves and having unpleasant encounters with wildlife that could lead to the death of wildlife or the dog. We kindly ask that you keep your dog leashed and on designated trails to respect wildlife and the need for other people, cyclists, equestrians, and dog owners to enjoy the space free of unwanted encounters with off-leash dogs.
  • Are there non-motorized cyclist-friendly trails?
    Yes! Cyclists are welcome on the Arizona Trail and adjoining Cross Corridor Trail. Please bring plenty of water and yield to horses and hikers.
  • Does BWP partner with local Indigenous groups?
    BWP managers strive to honor best practices for land management, including recognizing that BWP is located on land sacred to several Indigenous groups. We are always open to hearing ways to improve in this regard and welcome constructive criticism and encourage partnerships. BRN partners with Indigenous groups on various projects in the borderlands. Please reach out to with feedback or questions.
  • Are there bathrooms or trash cans in the preserve?
    There are no bathroom facilities or trash receptacles within the preserve. Please practice leave no trace principles and pack out what you pack in.
  • Is overnight parking permitted at the preserve?
    Overnight parking is only permitted for overnight hikers on the AZT. Camping or fires of any kind are strictly prohibited on Borderlands Wildlife Preserve Property. Overnight parking is only allowed at the Casa Blanca Canyon AZT Trailhead parking area. We don't have the space for overnight parking at any other location on the preserve. To register please fill out this BWP Overnight Parking Registration Form, or email with any questions.
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